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About Engraving

Engraving Procedures

• Below is an outline of how we'd like to see the personalized (engraved or embroidered) opportunities flow through the website.

• Not sure of the website functionality, so, we will need Scott A. to confirm what we can do and offer to our customers.

• Specs/Requirements

o Identify a product that we can be personalized with a thumbnail "E" or button that offers "This product can be personalized"...or?

o The primary product image on the site of the product is not shown as personalized,

o if the consumer wants to consider personalization, after clicking interest in personalization, an example of engraved or embroidered product is displayed.

o Flat rate charge for name or monogram

o Flat rate charge plus for additional words beyond a name on monogram

o If logo work is desired, we'd need a way for the consumer to upload their image/logo, and a tel no to call back them to further discuss logo viability, placement and digital conversion/set-up costs

• Engraving Offering
o 2-3 different fonts to choose from
o 1, 2 or 3 letter monograms, (consumer would select)
o Can we show example engraved font selected with consumer input name or monogram?
o What do you recommend for a character limit if we offer consumer to type in their own text?