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About Us

The power of gifting is the driving force behind strategic gifting to build and strengthen your most important relationships and increase your business.

The Company

We are an American company registered in the State of California in the United States.

Our Origins

Our parent company, Pacific e-Commerce Solutions, LLC, was founded in 2018 by Richard & David Lawrence. The business objective is to build an innovative company in the e-Commerce space that could provide marketing and fulfillment services to clients who were looking for a more agile and creative alternative to Amazon and other very large 3PLs.

We believe that the fulfillment function process in today’s e-commerce channel is an under-used opportunity to connect with your customer through creative packaging and messaging to WOW your customer and build a loyal relationship that will yield repeat purchase sales and higher margins.

In early 2019, we launched our fulfillment services under our brand boxxconnect, and opened our warehouse facility and offices in Escondido, CA , located in northern San Diego county. We have a palletized product storage capacity of 45,000 units and packing and shipping capacity of approximately 5,000 unit per month. Our current space will allow us to expand to double this capacity to approximately 10,000 units per month.

In 2020, in spite of COVID restrictions and business slowdown, we launched our corporate gift and fulfillment business which initially focused on corporate Welcome kits and “care packages” for employees working remotely. In 2021 that business grew and evolved to produce an additional business line that now operates under our Giftboxx brand.

Our Business Model

We are a service busines, focused exclusively on e-commerce. Our tag lines: BRAND BUILDING FULFILLMENT and EVERYTHING AFTER THE CLICK embody our mission and client service objective. We strive to provide a full range of e-commerce services that are high quality, responsive, and fast, all critical to helping you compete in the fast -moving e-commerce markets. While we seek your involvement in designing and defining the elements of our service, we enable you to leave it all ‘after the click” to us.

Our automated warehouse and shipping process enables you to receive daily status reports and periodic statistics to manage each function that we perform on your behalf.

We encourage you to meet regularly (weekly) with our management team to identify issues and their solutions, and plan for your business growth and the needs of your customers.

Our corporate Giftboxx business model is built on the Shopify platform which provides our gift clients and customers a full online shopping experience. Our unique curation of corporate gifts is designed to bring to your company and customers the full power of strategic gifting. We maintain a gift inventory that is relevant to your customers, vendors, and employees to ensure that you can make a positive, memorable impact on your gift recipient.

What We Do

Gift-boxxesis a specialized corporate gift company focused on providing a full range of services around corporate strategic gifting. Corporate gifting has been a valued tool of effective marketing and business relationship building for hundreds of years. With the advent of the Internet and e-commerce, strategic gifting has grown into a US$242 billion industry. Half of this is spent on gift cards of all types, and half on  gift for the employees and customers of small, medium, and large companies and corporations. This is the community Gift-boxxes  serves.

We are focused on corporations and companies is all industries who have found gifting to be an effective marketing tool to build strong customer and employee relationships. To serve this market, we have developed specific gift collections for the various segments of these target markets.

  • For the Home
  • For the Office
  • Bar & Beverages
  • Kitchen & BBQ
  • Comfort & Relaxation
  • Whimsical & Fun

In addition to curating the gifts for these segments, we work with you to design custom packaging, or help you to choose from our standard packaging.

For all of our gifts, we pack them in elegant eye-catching packaging, and develop custom messaging materials to ensure that the message you want to send to your recipient is not lost to chance. We do this through the use of your brand in the packaging, and the inclusion of printed messaging pieces inside the box.

Our People


Richard Lawrence, CEO & Founder

Richard formed Pacific e-Commerce Solutions and the BOXX companies to get involved in the many challenges and opportunities he saw in the rapid growth of online retailing. Product and brand development together with business strategy have been his passions during his lengthy career in financial services, information technology, and management consulting.

 While new to e-commerce and Corporate Strategic gifting, he has had a long career of build and fixing companies. He was a co-founder of Bank Street Consulting Group in New York City servicing major U.S. financial institutions and major auto finance companies. As a Partner with Coopers & Lybrand, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and IBM Business Consulting Services, he focused on major financial institutions and corporate Clients in consumer and corporate banking, credit management, and information technology services in the U.S., European, Latin American and Asian markets. In addition, he has served as an advisor, investor, and Board Member to several start-up businesses in the services industries.

He believes that the future of retail is a blend of online a bricks & mortar channel development focused on creating brand building customer experiences and outstanding customer service. He sees a wide range of business opportunities in the new models to support corporate knowledge workers as we develop new models for remote working and the redesign of management processes and the function of corporate offices. The new world is here!

When he relaxes, he spends his time outdoors in the mountains, on the beaches, or on the golf courses around the world. He holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia University, and a BS in Economics from the University of Oregon. He is married to his lovely wife Denise from Rio de Janeiro. They have two adult children.

David Lawrence, Co-Founder

A native of the Pacific Northwest, David spent over 35 years in high tech, successfully implementing initiatives of growth, strategic direction, operational delivery improvement, and setting new direction across markets and enterprise clients. He enjoys building and coaching service teams, designing customer solutions, marketing design, and is always looking for a new way to please the customer.

David is a board member and former Board Chair of a long-standing Seattle non-profit (1909) dedicated to providing early learning, early intervention, and counseling programs for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon.

David is an amateur photographer, passionate music listener and always ready for a glass of good wine.


Graphic Arts & Design

At Gift-boxxes & boxxconnect we believe that Design is Everything.

We work with a number of very talented, creative independent designers. Together with our Marketing team, they have created a wide range of amazing box designs, messaging inserts, packaging materials, presentations, and an array of marketing and sales materials.

They also participate as members of our Client Service teams to assist and advice our clients with enhancement to their brands, graphics, and visual presentation.

Samantha Caird - Marketing & Curation Associate

Samantha is a versatile person of a growing list of skills and knowledge in our company. She keeps our management reporting up-to-date. As our Gift Curation associate, she conducts gift research, deals with our vendors to make sure our gift purchase orders are processed, and the goods are on their way to our warehouse. She also manages our email and social media marketing campaigns. 

Our Customers

We are here to serve our customers with excellence and passion. Our customers are our partners in every aspect of our business. We always start with understanding what our customers want and need to be successful in their businesses. We listen first and then work together to design and execute the solution we provide as their partner.

They range from small company businesses, to professional practitioners in a wide array of services, to medium and large corporate organizations.

Gift-boxxes.com is a division of boxxconnect.com, a full-service e-Commerce corporate gift, marketing, and fulfillment company located in California. Contact us at sales@Gift-boxxes.com or sales@boxxconnect.com to learn more about how we can help your organization to provide that very special Giftboxx.