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Strategy and Vision

What does boxxconnect do?

boxxconnect is a specialized, e- commerce marketing, custom fulfillment and distribution agency focused on high-end consumer products that utilize branding to market their product to discerning consumers who value quality, presentation, trust, simplicity, security and efficiency from their vendor/manufacturer/retailer.

boxxconnect Lines of Products & Services

We have four lines of products and services:

  • Traditional Fulfillment Services – for retailers, wholesalers, service companies, or manufacturers boxxconnect provides:
    • e-commerce marketing and brand building strategies,
    • packaging development and production,
    • messaging insert design and production,
    • shipping strategy and shipping services
    • design of the final box-opening experience.
    • This collection of services also includes the storage, pick, pack, and shipping of the Clients product.
  • Giftboxx Services – for businesses who wish to use gifting as an effective relationship building tool, on an exclusive private label basis, or general offering basis. This service includes:
    • Our selection and curation of a special collection of gift items appropriate for your Clients, customers, employees, or members.
    • Through our Giftboxx store web-site your agents or employees have online access to view, order, and pay for a unique collection of quality gifts beautifully packaged and gift wrapped to your unique design and specification.
    • Our non-exclusive collection of gifts is available to any consumer or business who is looking for quality gifts beautifully packaged for special occasions or events.
    • We handle everything after you select the gift on our site, including, packaging, shipping, and billing your credit card on file through your individual or corporate account at our Giftboxx store.
    • One stop shopping for business or organization gifts.
  • Remote Employee Support
  • Mobile Fulfillment Services – for bricks & mortar businesses or online retailers or manufacturers who do not have their own fulfillment services.
    • boxxconnect will come to your site and pack your orders and ship,
    • OR, come to your site, pick up your orders and take to our warehouse for packing and shipping.
    • This is an ideal solution for retailers of manufacturers who are shipping smaller volumes and have special packing or handling needs.
    • Pick-up at your site can be daily or multiple times per week or per day.
  • Warehouse Services – we provide a range of standard and specialized services for companies who do not have warehousing facilities and need them on a temporary or permanent basis. These services include:
    • Escondido location at the 78 and I-15 with easy road and truck access,
    • Trained warehouse labor,
    • Forklift service for loading, unloading, and storage,
    • Packing & kitting services,
    • Pallet and shelf storage,
    • Pallet break down, and repackaging,
    • Receiving & shipping.

boxxconnect’s Target Clients

Utilizing this business model, Pacific seeks to serve clients in the following industries and consumer product segments:

  • High-end fashion & apparel,
  • Specialty home goods,
  • Specialty cosmetics and personal products,
  • High end costume Jewelry and accessories,
  • High-end leather goods,
  • Specialty home appliances,
  • High-end electronic products,
  • High end outdoor leisure consumer products,
  • Small parts & components,
  • Products requiring special handling,
  • Real Estate Agents and Sales, organizations requiring Giftboxx services,
  • Corporations or organizations requiring Giftboxx services.

Our clients believe that branding and presentation of their product is a key component of their marketing and sales success. This is the hallmark of the boxxconnect fulfillment and Giftboxx models.

They also understand the unique opportunity that the branding, packaging, messaging, fulfillment and distribution process represent, to further build their relationship with their customer. boxxconnect does this in a way that will result in increased repeat purchases, up-buying, better margins, and growing sales revenues.

Target Client Criteria

  • Established brand,
  • Product fit to boxxconnect’s handling criteria,
  • Small to medium size and weight,
  • Use creative or premium packaging,
  • Consistent source of product,
  • Above average margins or cart value,
  • Established and growing customer base,
  • Established and growing e-commerce volume,
  • Effective and agile management of inventory.
  • Use of analytics in the management of their business.