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Yes, we can provide traditional fulfillment services including: storage, pick-pack-ship services, inventory management and reporting.

Yes, you can have your supplier ship directly to our warehouse (dropship), we will confirm what we received and produce a full inventory report back to you. We charge for storage by the volume you are storing. Fees are invoiced monthly and due upon receipt.


Yes, we provide various types of Giftboxxes for companies to use as Welcome Kits for newly hired Executives, Managers, and Employees. These can include company swag and a wide range of personalized business gifts. We also provide giftboxes that are “care packages” for work-at-home employees as a personalized way of saying” THANK YOU -We are glad you are part of our team.”

Another popular product is our corporate Giftboxxes for special corporate events: sales conferences, department celebrations, or Board of Directors special events, and client promotions.

Yes. We have created a Collection of Special Occasion gifting for the classic special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, retirement celebrations, graduations, and special milestone events. Check out our Collections at https://gift-boxxes.com/collections/events.

Yes, you can determine what goes in the box. We can customize the gift items for the corporate or individual Collections to meet your needs. In that case, we or you can purchase the items. They can be delivered to our warehouse directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler. We can also develop packaging to your specifications or use our standard packing options. You pay only for the packaging, fulfillment and shipping services that you use.

Yes, we provide standardized and customized Giftboxxes for corporations and companies. The collection can include as many types of boxes as you would like to offer. You authorize who in your organization or constituency can have access to your gift collection. For example, Real Estate agents have access to their agency’s collection, they choose a gift for their client, and we take care of the rest. Or employees of a particular company may have a coupon or gift code allowing them to choose one or more gifts from a private collection. Lot’s of options are possible.

Yes. Our designers will work with you to design colorful, creative, distinct packaging to meet your requirements and budget. Just because it is creative and eye catching, does not mean expensive. Also, our experience shows that you will sell more and create stronger customer relationships if you use the opportunity to include a meaningful message, coupons or other incentives inside your package for your customer.

Very easy. Just get in touch with us by telephone or email 858 832 5502. We should have a conversation where you can explain your business Gift and fulfillment needs. We will collect some basic information and prepare a quote and proposed service description for you.


We are located at 1257 Simpson Way in Escondido, California, at the intersection of the 78 Freeway and I-15. Very easy to get to, and easy to find by truckers and delivery services.

Our hours of Operation are 9a-6pm. Arrangements for delivery and pick-up outside these hours can be made in advance by tel 858-832-5502.

Our Customer Service operates M-F, 9a-6pm Pacific Time. We will be happy to answer any questions regarding our services and products, including returns and lost or damaged items.

Yes we do. Our research shows you can save 25-40% in shipping costs by using our San Diego based warehouse and fulfillment services to support your West Coast shipments. You would ship to us 2-4 months of inventory you will need to fulfill you orders for your West Coast customers. We do the rest!

Yes. We use the Veracore software system. This system is used by more than 400 fulfillment operations all over the U.S. We link with your shopping cart system electronically. Your orders come to us by internet connection and are processed automatically 24 x 7. We can process your orders daily, hourly, or on a schedule set by you. Our white glove picking, packing, and shipping process makes sure your order ships on time every time. You are also able to access your information online from your offices anywhere in the world.

Yes. Our automation supports Shopify and 10 other popular shopping cart and merchant payment services.